by Alum-A-Lift, Inc.
A world leader in the manufacture of Class 100 Cleanroom Lifts
As a world leader in the design and manufacture of custom ergonomic Class 100 cleanroom lifting devices, Alum-A-Lift provides a wide range of certified lifts, end effecters and handling systems for the semiconductor industry.
 While not all-inclusive, ergonomic handling solutions are available for PVD, CMP, crystal growing and furnaces (heater elements), robots, cyro-pumps, magnetrons, platen motors, turbo pumps, dry pumps, servo motors, whisper scans, gate valves semi lifts, and implant tubes. Inherent in the application process are engineering solutions to specific problems as is clearly defined within our products pages.
Class 100 cleanroom horizontal heater elements designed for tight quarters.
Telescoping semi lift.   Counter balanced lift with stern steering powered drive.  
Lifts and end-effectors are also available for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and component testing where low particle generation is required.
All of our applications, whether wafer fabrication, lifts, special carts are mobile and can be customized for weights up to 2000 lbs. with powered and manually operated end-effectors to perform the intended task.





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